●Application period

Course   Admission time  Recruitment time   Training period

1 year 6 months  October   March to May       1 year 6 months

2 years            April       September to November      2 years


●class time

 Every Monday to Friday. Depending on the student's   Japanese ability,   Separate classes.

   Morning class:  9:00~12:20  

   Afternoon class: 13:30~16:50

Basic expenses for the first year

Selection fee:20,000円    ​Tuition fee:  600,000円

enrollment fee: 50,000円    Overhead:  105,000円

total:  775,000円​

"Learn firmly" "Learn with peace of mind"

"Learn fun"

Beautiful japan


Delicious Japan


Address: 1-7-1 Akamidai, Konosu City, Saitama Prefecture 365-0064, Japan

TEL:048-598-8596  FAX:048-598-8597             2759657095

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