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KIC supports your dreams!


Kounosu International CollegeThreefeatures


①Learn firmly

Reliable Learning

The seasoned educational professionals, with plenty teaching careers more than 10 years, provide awesome learning experience meeting all student’s dreams.

②Learn with peace of mind

Comfortable Learning


Only you have to do is just enjoying your school days in Japan!!

We’re always for you to teach sincerely, take good care of you and maximize your future opportunities by the highest-quality academic support

③Learn fun

Exciting Learning


We prepare lots of wonderful events to let you enjoy learning throughout a year


The country coexisting with both of the traditional culture over the centuries and modern advanced technology—Japan

       Unique food culture : 和食 Japanese cuisine that was recognized as 

 ​    intangible cultural heritage represents.


   Beautiful nature whose different cultures have different attractions


 .Lots of innovations created by the latest technology.


Those everlasting beauties attracts many visitors every day, every month, and every year·.

Exploring your education in Japan will certainly become your life asset.

Beautiful japan


Delicious Japan